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Degrees and Certifications:

Graduate of University of Phoenix with a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instructional Design •Graduate of Athens State University with a Bachelor's Degree and double certification in Early Childhood and Elementary Education (N-6)

Mrs. Heather Rogers Chaffin

Biography:  I am an Alabama girl through and through! I was born in Limestone County and have lived here my entire life.  I attended Piney Chapel Elementary/Jr. High   School and Elkmont High School. After college, I got married and moved to   Madison. I have been  married since 1997 to Brian Chaffin, who is Captain of the Investigations Division at the Madison County Sheriff's Department.  I am a very proud police wife!  We are also extremely proud parents of two   wonderful, beautiful daughters who are both in college.   Empty nest life is weird, but it's fun, and it gives me even more time to devote to my kiddos at school!  I do have my other two “little girls” at home- my sweet dogs.  Abbi, my old chi pom mix, is 11, and Betti Lou, my fierce little 6 lb. chiweenie, is 5.  Yes, I'm that crazy dog lady who treats them like children- especially now with the empty nest syndrome going on!  I enjoy sports (especially my girls' softball and ALABAMA football and softball- Roll Tide!), boating, fishing,   BEACH TIME, river/lake time with the family, movies, reading, a good Mexican food run, cooking and   shopping. I love sparkly anything and animal printed anything!   I also am currently obsessed with pineapple decor (obvious if you see my classroom)! I enjoy teaching very much and couldn't imagine having   any other career!  Teaching children has been a true blessing!

 Professional Biography:   My teaching experience   began in Limestone County (where I grew up) as an enrichment teacher for   grades 2-12.  I thoroughly enjoyed this position and getting to work   with students of all ages.  My classes were specialized by interests,   and I was able to teach classes such as Ecology, Drama, and High School Advanced Literature.  After that wonderful experience, I became a Kindergarten   teacher at a small school in Limestone County, Reid Elementary School.  Following my first year as a Kindergarten there, I was able to follow my class to First   Grade.  I taught First Grade for a year at my school when the   opportunity came for me to move to Madison City Schools at Heritage   Elementary School.  It was 1999, and Heritage was opening its doors for   the first time.  It was a very exciting time and a great experience to   be able to be a part of a new school and a new faculty- as well as making my   debut with Madison City Schools.  I learned a great deal from the   experience.  Opening a new school is tough! However, because of that experience, I feel   a great attachment to Heritage. I’ve   seen a lot of people come and go since that first year, and I have made   countless friends and memories. Many friends have moved with new elementary   schools opening after Heritage, but it was my homefor 18 years. In 1999 when I came to Heritage, my oldest   daughter was nine months old.  In 2000, I had my second daughter.    They both grew up at Heritage and moved on through Liberty Middle School and James   Clemens High School. In the years since 1999 at Heritage, I taught Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, and 6th   grade ELA and Science. I loved them all, and I love   the excitement I get every time I start a new year and a new adventure. It never gets old for me to do something new and to try new things and learn new grade levels, even after 21 years! So after my 20th year at Heritage with two grown up daughters, I decided to make a huge jump again (probably my biggest so far)!  I sadly left my "family" there to pursue my career as a 4th grade math teacher here at Mill Creek Elementary School!  I took that leap of faith for the 2017-18 school year, and again, it was yet another great blessing!  Not many people welcome yet even more change in a 21 year career, but I absolutely love it!  Many do not know this, but Mill Creek, as a new school, took many of the Heritage faculty when it opened.  So I had to say goodbye to some of my best friends who moved here.  However, this new experience I took on at "The Mill" did give me a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with my teacher friends who had left Heritage.  It was automatically a familiar environment for me with so many familiar faces!  So here I am!  It's my 23rd year of teaching, my third year at Mill Creek, and my third year of teaching something in which I thought I'd never specialize... MATH!!!  I have learned so much and loved every minute!  I love telling my kids this quote:  "Don't say you're not a math person.  There are only two requirements.  Do some math.  Be a person." I tell them this because I used to be THAT kid who said "I'm just not a math person!"  Now as a teacher, I find that I really connect with my students when I can tell them it wasn't my favorite subject.  I also feel that it has made me a stronger math teacher because I remember what it was like for me as a child to learn new mathematical concepts.  So to say that I am excited about teaching math is a HUGE understatement!  I absolutely love it!!  Best job ever!  I can't wait to start this year off with a bang.  As always, it's going to be amazing to work with my students!!  So welcome to 4th grade math at Mill Creek!  Go mavericks!!