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Mask Update 9/21


  • Tuesday, September 21.
    Dear MCS Family,

    I apologize for sending this out so late. Last Friday, I made the decision to move the district to a "Mask Preferred" status based on the low rate of positivity in the district. However, since that time after consultation with our legal counsel, I have been advised of a possible interpretation of the Board’s policy under which the Board should be asked to approve or disapprove the change I announced.

    For that reason I have decided to return to  Madison City Schools’ previous “Mask Required” status until this matter can be considered by the Board.

    I apologize that we are so quickly reversing course. However, I certainly want to make sure that our district is in compliance with Board Policy. I have always believed that if you need to correct an issue, you take action and do so.

    Therefore, I will work with our Board to review the appropriate masking procedure and how it may be addressed in the future. We will return to mask required for all staff and students beginning on Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2021.


    Ed Nichols