• Welcome to our Safe Schools Webpage

    Our goal is to provide a safe learning environment for every student in the Madison City School System. It takes a collaborative effort among all stakeholders to reach this goal. We invite you to be partners in our efforts to keep our children safe.

    There is no one magic item we can purchase, or one single procedure we can implement that will guarantee a safe environment.  We've adopted a comprehensive approach that includes safety equipment, policies and procedures, planning and prevention.  In addition, we recognize that the most proactive approach is to improve school climate and make positive changes to the school culture.  We are working daily to enhance communications with students.  Our School Resource Officers (SROs) are building positive relationships between students and the Madison Police Department.  Programs such as Challenge Day, and Make a Difference Day teach students to treat each other with courtesy and respect, and to take ownership of their school.

    We invite you to explore our website.  Our goal is that it grows into a useful resource to our entire school community.  You can view documents such as the "Safe Schools Task Force" report under the "Documents" section.  Online resources for parents will be under the "Helpful Links" page.  As we receive inquiries, we will post answers on the "Frequently Asked Questions" page.  We welcome your input.

  • Text To Protect

    Confidentially report any safety issues regarding our school or community. Please add the text number to your cell phone contacts list.

    TEXT: 256-604-2345

    E-Mail:  texttoprotect@madisonal.gov

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