• Kindergarten through 5th grade: Begin the Pathway to Proficiency by experiencing another world language and culture with the Elementary Spanish program

    6th & 7th grade: Take Survey I and II (9 week introductory courses) of one or more World Language in the middle school setting. Languages currently offered include French, German, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish (7th grade only). 

    8th grade: Continue on the Pathway to Proficiency by exploring survey courses or earn high school credit by completing a Level 1 year-long course 

    9th grade - 12th grade

    Proficiency goals for each level 

    Level 1: Beginner = Novice High to Intermediate Low
    Level 2: Intermediate Low
    Level 3: Intermediate Low to Intermediate Mid
    Level 4 (Pre-AP): Intermediate High
    Level 5 (AP): Intermediate High to Advanced Low