• Welcome to Bob Jones Model UN!!!


    What is Model UN?

    Model UN lets high school and college students participate in a simulated United Nations conference to propose solutions to present-day international problems.  As a participant, you will either be assigned a country on a particular committee or the role of a person in a crisis committee.  Your role would be to debate the issues assigned to that committee from the viewpoint of your country or take on the role of that person in responding to the fluid nature of the crisis setting.

    Those who have an interest in international affairs, debate/public speaking, and don’t mind doing some research will flourish in the Model UN environment.


    “ OK…this is for me.  How do I join ?”

    In a way, you already have.  There are no requirements to join.  No experience is needed.  Anyone who is interested can be a part of the program.  We do ask that you keep all of your grades at C or better, and that if you commit to Model UN, you stay committed. 


    “I can handle all of that.   Is there any other specific information?”

    Here are some other things for you to think about…

    • We will be attending at least one conference in the spring, and maybe one in the fall, depending on commitments.
    • Those who participate bear the financial responsibility. That responsibility includes registration fees, hotel costs, transportation costs, and food costs.  The cost per person usually ranges from $250-300 per person, but could be more or less depending on the location of the conference and the number of people going.  
    • All money is non-refundable. We base the cost of the trip on the number of students who have committed to going.  So if you commit to this, please stay committed.
    • You will miss, at least, a day or two of school if we go to both conferences. For some students, this is an unsettling thought.  Be sure you are comfortable with this.  Also, before you commit, be sure to check that the dates of the conferences do not conflict with any other commitments you have.  If they do, you will have to make a choice and we will respect whichever choice you make.
    • Most of what you will learn about Model UN comes through your actual participation. We will hold a few meetings, probably before or after school or during Patriot Path, to make sure that research is going well and answer any questions that you have.

    "When will there be an informational meeting?"

    • Look for an informational meeting to be held sometime in mid-to-late August.   In the meantime, if you have other specific questions, please see Mr. Hoyle (B108) or Mrs. Faris (B105) and we will be happy to answer them.




Degrees and Certifications:

Model UN Sponsors

Your sponsors for Model UN are:


Mr. Hoyle - B108

Mrs. Faris - B105


See any of us if you have questions about Model UN!